Selling Your Business can be a Challenge

From understanding what your business is worth to finding the right buyer and negotiating contracts, selling a business is a complicated process that requires skill, experience, and time.

Exit Experts manages this entire process for you. You can stay focused on running your business while trusting us to sell your most valuable asset. We will find the right buyer, with the right price, and the right terms to achieve all your goals.

How We Help

We guide you through our proven 6-step process. First, we help formulate your goals and prepare your company for sale. Then, we conduct a broad international search, communicate with potential buyers, and negotiate offer terms. We see the process through to the close of a successful transaction and transition. Learn more about:

"The lessons that I learned from Ray on how to sell my business really helped me achieve a successful business exit. I highly recommend Ray for helping clients with the ins and outs of selling a business. His AIM & ACT System, clear explanations, and practical examples allowed me to easily understand the process.”

Wyatt Geist CEO/Founder, Safewire

"Ray’s ability to clearly describe his model for selling a business, along with his case studies based on his personal experiences, made it easy to understand the complicated business exit process. His speech left me feeling highly informed about the process for selling a business successfully."

Brian Douglas Principal Founder, Douglas & Associates Law

“Ray Johnson has all the right credentials. He's a Harvard MBA. He has sold and brokered companies. He’s got the scars to prove it. I am impressed with how much he listens to his clients’ questions so that he can relate back later with more information relevant to that particular client.”

Tony Mayo The Business Owner's Executive Coach

"I am glad to have had Ray Johnson as a featured speaker at our recent event. His speech was educational and insightful. Ray found a way to relate to our audience, which made the event entertaining and engaging. After watching Ray speak, our attendees were eager to learn more about the business sale process."

Nancy Zentis CEO, Institute of Organizational Development

"Exit Experts was crucial in helping find the right strategic buyer for our company. We received 5 separate offers, for which Exit Experts helped us analyze, negotiate, and structure final deal terms. Their expertise in the packaging industry proved instrumental as they provided expert guidance in every step of the process."

Michelle Bergeron President/Founder, MDC Engineering Inc.

"Exit Experts was extremely effective in conducting a buy-side acquisition search for our company. They quickly identified a number of high-quality targets that met our criteria, arranged introductions, and facilitated negotiations. I highly recommend Exit Experts to both acquiring companies and those looking to exit."

Business Development Manager, UK Public Company

Why Are We “Business Exit” Experts?

We come from Main Street not Wall Street, with extensive experience building, managing and selling companies just like yours in your industry. We understand your business and we speak your language.

We Are Focused on Your Industry

Packaging Industry

Whether your company supplies packaging machines, converting equipment, materials or contract services, you should select an advisor that has owned, operated, and successfully sold companies in the packaging industry.

Medical Device Industry

Medical device businesses face unique challenges with FDA approvals, GMP manufacturing, and selling to hospitals and physicians.  Your advisor should have a track record of success building and selling medical device companies.

Our 6 Step AIM & ACT Process

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Business owners must first assess their goals, future needs, and the value of their business to decide if it is the right time to sell.


Whether you’re ready to sell in the next 6 months or the next few years, you can improve your company in cost-effective ways that will make it more attractive to potential buyers.


To effectively market your company for sale, it is critical to find high potential buyers and to promote the company’s most important value contributors.


Selling your business is different than selling your product or service. But, you can learn what to do and say to appeal to potential buyers.


A successful close means completing the due diligence process in a short time frame, without renegotiation of the deal terms and closing.


Plan for immediate or gradual transfer of authority and responsibility to new owners.


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Avoid Costly Mistakes

What would it cost if you sold your business for less than it’s really worth? What about if you sold to a buyer that was not the right fit for you, your employees, or your customers? How much time would be wasted if you didn’t find a buyer at all? Many business owners who try to sell their companies on their own discover that selling their company is entirely different than selling their products or services, and they regret not hiring an expert.

When you sell your business, you only get one chance to do it right.

With Exit Experts, we guarantee you will receive one or more high-quality offers from qualified buyers that meet your criteria and fit your vision for the future of your company.

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